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Custom Design Process

Let’s start with a budget. Think about what is an appropriate amount that you are comfortable spending and I will tell you what is possible within that amount…you’d be surprised at what I can make in every budget!

For engagement rings, I generally start with the center stone and build around that. There are many beautiful shapes, sizes and colors of stones at my disposal.

Chicago diamond cuts

Your ring is not limited to diamonds. In the past, engagement rings were set with stones such as Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires. Although I do not recommend Emeralds due to their brittle nature, Sapphires and Rubies are an excellent option for engagement rings. They are very durable and gorgeous stones (Sapphires come in every color of the rainbow) and will give you a larger look for the money.

I ask my clients to send me images of designs that they like and/or pictures of their significant other so that I may get an idea of their style. I add to that any sentimental touches that are requested…do they like a certain type of flower? Do they have a favorite architectural style or is there a particular numerology that defines your relationship (i.e. you’ve been dating for so many years, etc.)? This is your chance to really reflect on why you are deciding to make this next step in your relationship. Do not worry, this is not as painful as you might think!! I will help guide the design throughout the entire process!

I will email several design sketches and from there we will narrow it down. Once the drawing is approved, I will carve an original wax of your ring. This will be an exact representation of the final ring, just made out of wax. Once this is approved, a deposit is requested and then I will cast that wax model in whichever metal the client requests. Once cast, the ring process is a rather quick one. The metalwork takes one to three days and then the ring gets set. Depending on the design and time of year, setting can take anywhere from one day to 10 days. I document every step of the process by emailing professional quality photographs but my involvement doesn’t end there. I provide my clients with free 6 month check ups which include checking all stones and tightening (if necessary) as well as polishing and cleaning. I am happy to polish and clean your ring the day before your wedding too! You will find the entire process to be an enjoyable one that you will remember for a lifetime! I look forward to designing your jewelry!